• Behbood Mohammadzadeh Cyprus International University, TRNC


This paper explores the effectiveness of pedagogical stylistics in ELT Literature and Language Teaching courses. Stylisticians maintain that integrating literature in language teaching process will improve learner’s language abilities and enhance their understanding into the use of language and also improve their cultural awareness. In order to effectively integrate literature in EFL context, the application of pedagogical stylistics will empower ELT teachers to improve student teachers’ language, literary, and cultural awareness. Therefore, using a pedagogical stylistic analysis will help to increase student teachers’ motivation because of the satisfaction that they can gain from analyzing literary texts once they become informed of how language and culture is used in them. This paper aims to explore whether it is possible to generate stylistic-based activities from literary texts and will also provide ELT teachers with some stylistic-based activities as examples that they can use in their literature and language teaching courses.

Keywords: Pedagogical Stylistics, English Language, Language and Cultural Awareness


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